My Personal Story

I am a wife, mother to Finnegan and Fontaine, a 2x Boston Marathon qualifier and a survivor of breast cancer.

I was 40 years old. I was in great shape. I had just run the Richmond Marathon six months prior and qualified to run in the Boston Marathon. I had two unbelievable young kids (Finnegan was 3, Fontaine had just turned 1), a supportive husband and a life headed in a great direction...and then May 27th came. I had a mammogram and tests done over the prior couple of weeks and got the call that would change my life forever...I had cancer. My body physically rejected the news as if I was allergic. I could barely stand. I could barely breathe. I didn't know what to do...

The story ends well for me but it doesn't for so many others. I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction on July 27, 2017. I didn't know what to do the morning I received that call, but I do now. I am going to help. I am going to tell my story and I am going to help by donating 10% of every cleaning job to help generate awareness around early detection and access to screenings for disadvantaged women.


Donating only $150 allows one disadvantaged woman access to the appropriate medical care to get a mammogram.

All direct donations are made through

If you would like more information on the how Cleaning For A Cure is helping beat one of the most deadly diseases on the planet, please contact me via email here.